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Sonifyer.org is a forum for sonification research, so it is crucial that we can also listen to sounds under study! That is why sonifyer.org offers two central areas:


(i) Under "Sound", you can listen to sonified data from all fields and discuss them. The first field we will set up here is a sound library of sonified EEG data. Sound samples from other areas will follow.


(ii) We have developed a software called "Sonifyer" aimed at offering Mac users a quick and efficient interface for listening to data. Under "Soft- & Hardware" you will find the latest updates as well as a forum to discuss questions and exchange information.


Last but not least it might be of interest to you that, under "Knowledge", we are publishing a collection of compositions - mainly by 20th- and 21st-century composers - for which different sonification techniques have been employed.

Anyhow - prick up your ears now!




Sonification of Tohoku Earthquake, Japan, 2011/03/11 - 2011/03/12

In this video you see the visualised seismic signal of registrations from three seismic stations in Japan (Matsushiro, MAJO, Erimo, ERM) and Russia (Yuzhno Sakhalinsk, YSS) before, during and after the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. The flashes on the map correlate the signal magnitude at the three stations.


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