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Sonifyer is a stand-alone application for data sonification (and visualization). The software allows you to choose between, or to combine, two sonification methods: 1. audification or 2. parameter mapping (based on FM synthesis).


System requirements

Mac OS X 10.6





SonifYer always starts by creating a new project. To begin, import the data you want to work with via the File/Import menu. You can handle any number of data sets you want, with a maximum of 32 channels each, in one SonifYer project. The track window located on the right-hand side lists the different data sets; this allows you to compare them or to hold several data sets available within one project, e.g., to do a presentation.


Main Window

The main window contains the most important controls needed to navigate within the data sets. It is structured around a display that visualises waves in the form of oscillograms. On the top of the window you find a series of playback buttons offering common audio functions such as start, stop, beginning, end, rewind, fast forward and loop. If you select the record button, SonifYer will record all subsequent events as an audio file. The playback speed can be adjusted using the slider located between the playback buttons and the oscillogram display. The slider is continuously adjustable; alternatively, you can operate it by selecting from options offered in a menu. A lateral window offers lists from which you can select data sets, channels, markers and filters.




Map Window

The map window shows the distribution of the measuring points and may vary according to the data set used—i.e., EEG or seismogram. The measuring points are lit up to visualize their signal strength. In addition, you can take virtual listening tours between different measuring points with the mouse.




Filter Window

Each data set can have its own independent filter settings. The current SonifYer version includes a 4-band parametric equalizer. You can relate the corresponding parameters and frequencies either to the time axis of the source signal or to the time axis of the audio output.




Modulator Window

Mixer presets

Any project can include several presets:

- Volume control for the individual modules

- Selection of the FM presets

- Parameters of the OM module


FM Synthesis

The FM-synthesis module consists of one FM element with three modulators. While SonifYer provides some presets, you can also create your own settings.



Using the sine-wave oscillator you can generate an additional reference tone.




Bounce / Record Window

The bounce function allows you to create audio files. If you select, e.g., 10 data sets with preset In and Out markers, then audio files will be automatically generated from all data sets. If you want all of them to have the same length, loops will be played between the In and Out markers. You can chose between generating a single audio file for each data set, or one single audio file containing all data sets in sequential order.


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