In our research project Seismophon (2006), carried out together with Dr. Stefan Wiemer of the Swiss Seismological Service, we have above all developed and tested a software, the Sonifyer. In addition, David Eberhard wrote a B.A. dissertation entitled "Using Audification to Distinguish Foreshocks and Aftershocks" (download). The sound samples have not yet been processed for presentation on the web. However, using Sonifyer you can easily sonify your own seismograms in different formats and analyze them. You find three data sets below as samples. Further data can be obtained e.g. from the Data Management Center of the umbrella organization of Seismology research institutions, IRIS. For more sound samples, see our link list on this topic.


Data sample 1: earthquake on Sakhalin, 27/05/1995 (download data, 3.2 MB)

Data sample 2: earthquake on Sumatra, 26/12/2004 (download data, 7.9 MB)

Data sample 3: earthquake on Hawaii, 15/10/2006 (download data, 5.4 MB)



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