Sonifikation in der Musik

Tim Barrass

Life Expectancy

2006 / Melbourne / Parameter Mapping / Sociological Data

"Tim Barrass, the only contributor to the 2004 concert who submitted in 2006, came up with a most compelling timeline strategy in Life Expectancy. The ordering of notes was by life expectancy, however, Mr. Barrass chose to order the notes starting with the country with the highest life expectancy, followed by the lowest, followed by the next highest, etc. Furthermore, the ensuing "notes" were actually two-second bars, each containing sonifications of drinking water access, GDP, population, etc., all conveyed by intuitive sounds such as water being poured, clinking coins, the number of voices proclaiming the country, etc. Altogether, eight parameters were conveyed in each bar. After a brief consultation of a score provided by Mr. Barrass, the sonifications were very easy to follow. Mr. Barrass's work should be considered a landmark in the auditory display of multi-dimensional information in a compact and elegant style."



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