Sonifikation in der Musik

Roger Dean, Greg White, David Worrall

Mind Your Body

2004 / Parameter Mapping / EEG-Data

David Worrall

"The work is based on the data set provided for the International Conference on Auditory

Display (Sydney, 2004) competitive submissions. This work was one of ten chosen from

the more than 30 submissions for presentation via a 16 channel sound diffusion system

during the conference, at the Studio of the Sydney Opera House, and for inclusion on the

digital disc representing the chosen works.


Method of Production:

First the appropriate supplied data files (150000 data points, 500Hz sampling rate,

corresponding to 5 minutes of acquisition) were given headers so that they could be

recognised as 16 bit aiff 44.1kHz audio files. A Python routine was written to do this; the

purpose of this was to permit using them as audio files with realtime audio rate reading

and manipulation of the data, using MAX/MSP.


Second, the files were audio normalised, providing a very convenient routine to spread

the range of values within the files over the whole available bit-depth.


Audio files were then generated as follows:

Audio files 2, 25, 28, 31, 34 and 35 (deriving from the data files of the same numbers)

were made by time expansion from the original c. 3secs (150000 samples @ 44100 per

sec) up to 5 minutes. This was done with SoundHack's Vocoder function. The resultant

sound files were used directly as 6 of the final audio files."



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