Sonifikation in der Musik

Ambrose Field

The CIA Fact Book

2006 / York, UK / Parameter Mapping / Sociological Data

"The CIA FactBook v1.0 is a multichannel music work created

in response to the call for pieces for the ICAD Sonification

Concert at the ICA, London. The piece was created using the

ICAD supplied world dataset, and extended extensively by

items from the CIA online Factbook[1]. The work was realized

in Pd[2], with the aid of data and signal processing objects from

the IEM[3] Pd libraries. The 190 resulting audio channels are

spatialised through use of an ambisonics surround system,

diffused through 8 physical speakers in this realization.


All parameters from the basic data set were employed, and this

information was extended through use of the CIA factbook (oil

production, oil consumption, and exchange rate), and

parameters from the extended data-set. The data was first pre-

processed and analysed in Microsoft Excel in order to permit

the mapping choices outlined below to fulfill the design

objectives for the piece. Initial audio sketches were rendered to

determine the effectiveness of selected mapping strategies."



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Proceedings ICAD 2006






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