Sonifikation in der Musik

David Payling

Listen (Awakening)

2004 / Beaconside, UK / Parameter Mapping / EEG-Data

"Listening to the Mind Listening"

EEG data from the listening brain transformed into sound and music in a 16-channel 3D sound system


"David Payling's interesting work Listen (Awakening) seeks to "tell a story" of a mind awakening and becoming aware of a piece of music. His technique begins with a straightforward mapping of the data to control the parameters of five synthesis techniques (granular, additive, FM, formant wave, and simple audio gate triggering), realized in Csound with additional fading and spatialization using Nuendo. The output of each different technique is directed to specific loudspeaker sets, allowing the listener to focus on a particular effect by moving closer to its source. Mr. Payling also fades the different channels in and out over the duration of the piece, so that at the beginning we only hear the granular manipulations of a soundfile speaking "ICAD." He does not relate the criteria he used to decide when to fade in and out, but the end result, especially with the speech manipulation, has a definite narrative quality."



Ausschnitt anhören (00:30)

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Listening to the Mind Listening








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