Sonifikation in der Musik

Guillame Potard, Greg Schiemer

Neural Dialogues

2004 / Wollongong, Australien / Parameter Mapping / EEG-Data

"Listening to the Mind Listening"

EEG data from the listening brain transformed into sound and music in a 16-channel 3D sound system


"A comparison of the ten pieces provides many useful examples of the artistic, practical, and scientific issues involved in designing a sonification. In the first piece, Neural Dialogues by Guillame Potard and Greg Schiemer, domain-expertise in EEGs and brain science was a decisive factor in the data preprocessing and mapping decisions. The authors chose to focus on the correlation (using a MATLAB EEG toolkit) between pairs of (all 26) electrodes. A given pair whose correlation coefficient exceeded a threshold resulted in two drum-like sounds 0.4 seconds apart (using a Csound "pluck" opcode), spatialized to the electrode positions using the Max/MSP implementation of Vector Base Amplitude Planning (VBAP). The global RMS power in each of the delta, theta, alpha, and beta waves was displayed as variations in the amplitude of displayed harmonics in four oscillator instruments based on Jean-Claude Risset's glissando instrument. The resulting texture of spatialized pluck sounds over continuous oscillators was attractive and fairly static. The RMS power appeared to reach a stability in the middle of the piece but fluctuated substantially at the beginning and end."



Ausschnitt anhören (00:30)

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Listening to the Mind Listening









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