Sonifikation in der Musik

Guillaume Potard

Guernica 2006

2006 / Sydney, Australien / Parameter Mapping / Historical and Sociological Data

"Guernica 2006" is a sonification piece of war and world popula-

tion data from year 1 to 2006. Wars are represented chronologi-

cally by triggering sound samples at certain times in the piece. The

piece uses sound spatialisation to indicate the geographical loca-

tions of wars from the viewpoint of London. World population

is sonified continuously in the piece by controlling the pitch of a

drone sound. Other sounds are used to mark the start of millen-

niums and to indicate if a particular war was a civil war. When

listening to the sonication of war and world population data in par-

allel, correlation between these two factors seems to be present."



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Proceedings ICAD 2006






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