Sonifikation in der Musik

Hans Van Raaij

Listening to the Mind Listening

2004 / Amsterdam / Parameter Mapping / EEG-Data

"Listening to the Mind Listening"

EEG data from the listening brain transformed into sound and music in a 16-channel 3D sound system


"Real-time practicality and musicality dominated the choices in Listening to the Mind Listening, by Hans van Raijj. In order to set up an Artwonk patch able to process data in real-time on a personal computer, outputting MIDI to sampler instruments, Mr. van Raijj used data from only three channels to produce notes in only two instruments (plucked bass and piano), with stereo panning controlled by the difference between two other channels. Rhythm was controlled by the rate of change of calculated pitches, which were obtained by reducing the number of samples per channel by a factor of ten and performing additional averaging over windows of 50 (to control pitch) and 1000 (to control loudness) samples. The resultant rhythm was very jazz-like, an excellent match to the orchestration. One wonders, however, whether the very limited data use conveyed any scientifically significant relationships."




Ausschnitt anhören (00:30)

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Listening to the Mind Listening








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